Puglia: Take Your Event Away From The Maddening Crowds

If you want to have your event in a stunning setting while away from masses of tourists, Puglia is the right destination to go. Although not entirely unknown, it is undoubtedly less crowded and cheaper than the north and central Italy.

White stone huts, or Trullis, with beautiful ceramic pots with red flowers in a sunny day  in the Unesco site in Alberobello, Puglia,   Italy

However, excellent value for money is not the only reason to head to Puglia. The region has centuries of history, archaeological sites and some of the most beautiful medieval villages in the country. Situated between the Ionian and the Adriatic Sea, Puglia boasts the longest and most beautiful coastline in Italy as well, best avoided during busy summer holidays. The superlatives used to describe the region don't stop here. It is known as the home for the most exquisite and fresh Italian food, internationally famous cooks, and the land of the famous wines Primitivo and Negromaro. It is Puglia, not Tuscany, Italy’s major wine producer.

Puglia offers an excellent structure for events, and accommodation to suit all tastes and budgets. Ancient Trulli houses tuned into luxury villas, stylish boutique hotels, upscale farmhouses, and superb high-quality four stars.

For those who prefer a more active event, the region is a paradise for hikers. It offers trails through olive farms, archaeological sites, and along the sea. It is worth mentioning the National Park at Gargano, where white limestones cliffs overlook the sea, contrasting with dense forests. It is not uncommon to spot dolphins and turtles swimming here.

We are not biased because some of us come from Puglia, the place is "trulli" stunning. We will be there in March for a site inspection, contact us if you are interested in having your next event in this shining Italian jewel.

Read the full article written by Jo Mackay here.

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